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Monotype Print - Primrose Hill 3

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These prints are all one-off unique images. 

My work is stylised, responding to a place and creating a feeling or impression rather than a exact representation. How does it feel to walk through this space and observe the houses, trees and details as one passes.

This is number 3 in a series of 9 of Primrose Hill. When I had my pop up studio/shop there in 2018, I created a series of images inspired by the hill and surrounding area - including starting my house portrait series.

The technique is mono-type, an image is created by drawing onto a paper over an inked plate, each drawing makes only one print. This is different to my lino cut prints which use a block and can be printed many times to create a limited edition.

I work with an oil based ink and then add further colour and detail with watercolour and sometimes layers of lino cut print or other techniques on top.

Approx 25 x 40 cm unframed / 40 x 50 cm framed

If you would prefer it unframed (£150) please email me