House Portraits

I work with different print making techniques. The lino cut 'look' lends itself very well to the design work I do on screen printed textiles but I also like to work with other print making techniques of monoprint and dry point etching.

A couple of years ago I had a pop up shop / studio / gallery in Primrose Hill for five months over the long hot summer of 2018. Whilst there I created a series of prints of the surrounding area. One day a lady came in and said she loved my work, one print in particular had caught her eye as it featured the road where she lived but I had missed out her house.

House portrait Gloucester Terrace Primrose Hill Monotype Print by Kate Guy
So a new project was born - creating bespoke prints of people's homes. I have now completed more than 20 of these, mostly in and around London. I work from a site visit (optional) and photos and so can complete commissions from anywhere in the world.
Regent's Park Road Primrose Hill House Portrait by Kate Guy Monotype Print
I've lived in my house in Primrose Hill for nearly 70 years and I love it. Kate has certainly done it justice with her beautiful print.
Caroline, London NW1


I do not make an exact representation of the property, I try to capture the feeling of the home. I often include local features, front and back of the property and any particularly personal touches that make it your home.


House Portrait by Kate Guy Chalcot Road Primrose Hill London, showing the hill peeping out behind the buildings
I absolutely love my print by Kate, it was a gift from my husband and a wonderful surprise. Kate has really caught the essence of our lovely home in her work 
Lucinda, Chalcot Road, London NW1


Monotype print Mews House Primrose Hill London Commission by Kate Guy
Mews House, Primrose Hill, London NW1
They make a great gift for someone moving house, to remember their old home or to celebrate their new one!
 Mansion Flats London House Portrait Commission by Kate Guy Monotype Print
Mansion Flats, Willesden, London NW6
Kensington Gardens Monotype print house portrait commission by Kate Guy
Knightsbridge, London SW7 
Camden Town Terrace Commission by Kate Guy Monotype Prints
Camden Town, London NW1
Regent's Park Road Primrose Hill London House portrait by Kate Guy monotype print
Ground Floor Flat
Primrose Hill, London NW1
Monotype print of flats by Primrose Hill in London commission by Kate Guy
Top floor flat
Primrose Hill, London NW1
Please EMAIL ME if you are interested in a commission