News from the Studio - Kate Guy Prints

  • 2nd Lockdown = 2nd edition of my Lockdown Cat Print

    Entering the second lockdown in England feels very different to the first time. Back in March we did not know what we were facing, whilst it was sc...
  • Bernd Unger Photography and Rebecca's Kitchen

    Photoshoot with Bernd Unger in Rebecca's kitchen, Montpeyroux, South of France, September 2020
  • Lockdown Cat Escapes

    The saga of Lockdown cat continues! As restrictions are eased and we are all allowed out a little bit more he has ventured out onto the roof tops o...
  • Primrose Hill Art Trail

    Due to the lockdown and social distancing many smaller galleries remain shut. The ever inventive PHCA (Primrose Hill Community Association) has com...
  • Roasted Tomato Soup

    How to make this deliciously simple warming and healthy soup. It's as easy as 1,2,3... ingredients as illustrated on my Tomato Soup print; chop - cook - blend and enjoy!
  • Lockdown Cat with Mexican Cushion

    A short film about the making of a run of limited edition lino cut prints inspired by the recent lockdown. Featuring my cat sitting on the sofa looking out of the window. Black and white image with a colourful embroidered Mexican cushion in the foreground.
  • Mexican Holiday Diary

    I love to travel and I love to draw, so when I'm travelling - I draw. For me it is a way to remember; if you draw something, you really look at a...
  • Printing Letterpress Show Signs

    Printing signage for a show using the old wooden letterpress blocks - and a hammer!
  • My First Lino Cut and Letterpress Print

    The first time I played around with Letterpress blocks and created my first lino cut print, I was 6 or 7 and thought I knew EVERYTHING!