Mexican Holiday Diary

I love to travel and I love to draw, so when I'm travelling - I draw.

For me it is a way to remember; if you draw something, you really look at and think about it, it stays in your memory. When I look back at my drawings they bring back the memories which surround them, the thoughts I was thinking, the place where I was sitting. 
Flycatcher Inn Santa Elena Yucatan Dawn Drawing Spot by Kate Guy
So for me, part of my essential travel kit is a sketchbook and art materials; a small watercolour palette, my favourite colour pencils, pencils, rubber, drawing pens and most important - a glue stick! This is because I also like to gather bits of local design and typography; leaflets, receipts, tickets - anything at all really and stick in my book, I often them draw or paint on top of it. I feel it gives a real snapshot of the place I am in and adds another dimension to my journal.
A 'pocket sized' good quality sketchbook is perfect for a travel journal.
Cancan Casa Turquesa Holiday Diary Travel Journal by Kate Guy

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