Kate Guy

I am a print maker and designer working with traditional materials and techniques.

I was born in London in 1968 and I have lived here all my life. 
I come from an artistic background; my father, Tony Guy was a graphic designer, a graduate from the Royal College of Art, he was Head of Graphics at ABC Television and Thames TV, then left to go freelance. He died in 1977 aged 42.
My mother is an artist, a fine art graduate from the Royal Academy Schools and now mostly known for her architectural glass work. Find out more


I studied a BA hons degree in Graphic Design at Norwich School of Art where I specialised in Audio Visual Studies. In those pre-digital days all photography was analogue and we used a traditional rostrum film camera to create animations.
Ahead of it's time, the School did have 4 Mac computers - they were in a special room of their own, were shared by the whole school and only really used for typography (lettering).

After leaving Art School I worked for 2 years at Richard Williams Animation studios in London and Budapest on the 'greatest animated film never made'  The Thief and the Cobbler. When the film folded I became pregnant with my first child and decided to go freelance. I spent the next 10 years working as artist, designer and illustrator whilst bringing up my two daughters; Lily and Ella.

Looking to work away from the home I decided to become a teacher and completed a PGCE in Art and Design at Middlesex University in 2002.
I worked for 12 years as Head of Department at a large secondary school in NW London until I left school again in 2014 to return to my first loves of printmaking and design.

I primarily work with lino cut techniques to design textiles at my studio in Camden, where I also teach printmaking to small groups of adults and children.

I love food and cooking and most of my designs are all about this - I illustrate classic recipes using my unique lino cut ingredients. I have created a whole store cupboard of blocks, each one an ingredient. I combine these in one print to create the recipes. I make the original prints which I also colour by hand. I then have these screen printed onto organic cotton textiles.

Kate Guy lino cut blocks ingredients for illustrated recipes

My 'store cupboard' of lino blocks

Here is a video of me being interviewed by Suzanne Noble for

Start Up School for Seniors



Monoprint house portraits

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A film of me working on my most recent print 

'Lockdown Cat with Mexican Cushion'