My First Lino Cut and Letterpress Print

Kate Guy My first lino cut print Ereh si a Tac - Here is a Cat

I created my first lino cut when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Having a graphic designer for a father and an artist as a mother I have always had access to a studio. In particular I was fascinated by our fabulous Victorian Albion press which my father Tony Guy, bought in the 1960s. We still have it today in my mother's studio in Putney SW London.

I have always loved typography and this is my first experiment with it in print. I drew and cut the cat lino myself and then set up the letterpress blocks to declare ' Here is a cat'. 
However, being a fiercely independent young printmaker and designer, who would take no advice I did not heed the warnings that in printmaking everything comes out backwards. As you can see I managed to get all the letters the right way around but forgot that the whole word would also need to be reversed.
Ereh si a tac became a bit of a family saying and has adorned the walls of one or other of our studios for over 40 years, it is looking rather well loved now. Whilst for many years I felt rather foolish, I now love this print - my first foray into lino cut and letterpress printing!

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