2nd Lockdown = 2nd edition of my Lockdown Cat Print

Entering the second lockdown in England feels very different to the first time. Back in March we did not know what we were facing, whilst it was scary there was a sense of excitement or anticipation and of living through 'interesting times' and we thought it would be over by the summer.

The word unprecedented was brought out of obscurity to become one of the most overused word of the year. People thought they would write the novel they had always meant to, learn the piano, or make pasta from scratch. I found it hard to be creative, although we did start to make our own pasta. I was busier than I had been for ages making a new website. With all the markets I had booked cancelled and a studio full of new stock, this became a vital endeavour.

As the weeks ticked past I needed a break from the computer, so I turned back to what I really love to do - printmaking. Inspired by my cat Albion who can spend hours staring out of the window, I created 

'Lockdown Cat with Mexican Cushion'

Kate Guy prints Lockdown cat with mexican cushion

For me, Albion embodies the feeling of the strange times we are living through. His back is hunched as he turns away and stares out at a world which is beyond his control. There is the silhouette of another cat staring back at him from a window opposite.

We made a film of me creating the print and launched the new website with the film and print in June. I printed a small edition of 20 and they sold out in 2 weeks. I have now printed a second edition released today in time for the second lockdown

I created another Albion linocut over the summer 'Lockdown Cat out on the Tiles' when we were allowed out - it shows Albion on the roof of our house watching his friend in a window opposite

Kate Guy Prints Lockdown cat out on the tiles

A limited edition of each print is available from today 

Unframed £45 each or £85 for the pair / framed £65 each or £125 for the pair using code LOCKDOWN2 at the checkout

Stay safe and well, let's hope we're allowed out for Christmas 

Kate x


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  • So please with my print of Lockdown cat with Mexican cushion! Great print and great service! Very pleased you have done a second edition as I missed the first one! Please keep printing

    Heather Stimpson

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